Sepp Engelmaier
comes from the northern part of Lower Austria.
He studied graphic art at the "Graphische" in Vienna and works also with photography,
lives as graphic designer and artist in Vienna.
”Since my early childhood, drawing has been my biggest passion and strength. While in kindergarten it was still cars and the fascination of the 1950’s; it was during the time of Catholic boarding school that scenes of suffering at the crucifixion of Christ, surrounded by muscular Roman soldiers, prevailed in my study books.

Being a late-bloomer, I came out at 24, when I quickly found my sexual preference to be leather and S&M.

For friends of the LMC Vienna, as well as other international leather clubs and organizations, I have produced numerous works of art. I have created a small, exclusive Fine-Art-Edition of my works especially for admirers of men, bears, leather, rubber, uniforms, and S&M. Original prints are produced in a very limited number, printed on heavy handmade paper (format ca. 38 x 56 cm / 15 in x 22 in) and can also be purchased as single pieces.

Also available are handsigned posters, greeting cards, an anniversary- and a perpetual calendar, as well as extensive catalog detailing my work. Definitely a nice gift for friends, masters, slaves or just yourself.”

And when you like you can visit my "other" site:

Sepp - very private.

The man behind the images

Quite left: 2019 February - back at home after my trip to meeting friends in Amsterdam; hot and horny days and nights at Leather & Fetisch Pride in Antwerp; and visiting a friend in Den Haag.

Left: Sightseeing and shopping in Amsterdam.

Quite left: 2018 October - like sitting on a throne in Marrakech!

Left: in traditional trousers at the "Rosa Wiener Wiesn" - Pink Viennese October Fest.

Below quite left: 2018 June - Ready for going out to HARDON our LMC Vienna club location!

In front of the Vienna State Opera House with the leather pride flag and the bear flag at the Rainbow parade, the Vienna Pride, on June 2018

In the hot summer of 2018.


Quite left: The beautiful rose tree on Frank's grave in my home town!

Summertime - time for coffee in a sidewalk café.

Quite left: 2018 - With Teo, the organizer of the famous Pitbull Clubbing.

Left: 2017 10 27 - Vienna in Black Fetish Shooting at the mixed main event at FLUC. Ready to dance and play!

Above: With Soner at the Fetish Market at Spectakel.

Quite left: 2017 10 14 - ready to go! Selfie at the hotel "Deutsche Eiche" in Munich, to go to the 50th anniversary from the "Ochsengarten", the oldest Fetishbar in Germany. And this guy is 67 ;-(

Left: The same procedure as every day. a small Espresso in the coffee house nearby. Enjoying the last sunny days outside.

Below: 2017 September - My third time at "Sitges Bear Week" a real great time! I had like to be also on a photo, so I caught this guy and his friend had take this pic.

A real great public appearance of the LMC Vienna men at the Pride Parade in Vienna in 2017! I'm proud of the guys how had work for this, what a handful friends and I had start in 1985. Thanks to Hermann HHfoto for the great pictures!

The story about you can read on this side below.

Below: 2017 May - Fife Days Motorbike Tour with the LMC Vienna group. Carinthia, Dolomits, Southtyrol, Meran, Großglockner. Randy!

Quite left, absolutly hot. It fits very, very well. My new G-Star ;-)

Left, at the Leather Dinner by the Mr. Bavarian Leather election. 2017 March at StrongBeerFest in Munich, Germany. Many thanks to Breechesguy for that excellent photo of me! ;-)

Above, Open House at "Wien in Schwarz 2016", visitor Joe King, Mr. Leather Europe 2016.

Ran, Thorsten Buhl our Mr. Fetish Austria 2015 and Mr. Leather Europe 2015 with Joe King and me.

Left, in traditional leather-fetish-mix ready for the Pitbull OctoBearFest 2016 ;-) Aside right, in full-leather gear to go out at Hardon Vienna. Yes, at the age of 66 years . . . ;-)

See below left, May 2016, "in leather" at "IML - International Mr. Leather" in Chicago. My second time in this great city. It was my dream, to come with Frank as a contestant. This dream doesn't comes true ;-)

By the way, Ran had shoot my pics.

Below with former candidates from Germany and France.

Left, December 2014, maybe a little bit "overdressed" with harness for "Men in Black" Party ;-)

Right: May 2015, four days tour on motorbike withe the LMC Vienna biker group. "The Old Man" and "The Old Iron", together eighty years ;-) Damn, where are the time is gone!

2013 June, at the XXX Man Vernissage at Tiberius Store in Vienna.

A smile for Ran ;-)

Right: 2013, ready to going out at Worker Party, before renovation the apartment.

Left: 2013 June, with Ran on the top of the Austrian Hospiz in Jerusalem.

Right: 2013 June, together with Ran on the "RegenbogenParade" (CSD) in Vienna.
Mid April there comes new live in my live and put me out of my lethargy. Ran from Tel Aviv.
After a couple of weeks he flew again from Israel to Vienna.

eft: 2013 Mai, at Café Savoy in Vienna.

Right: with the Salamander-Train on the highest mountain in Lower Austria called "Schneeberg" (Snow mountain). Not I'm shrunken, not so a lot now ;-) but Ran are 193 cm big!
Left: 2013 April

Right: 2013 June
December 2012
Left: Photos by Wolfgang Kratky.

June 2012
On ECMC Bikerun in Italy. On the way back home, I had a accedent with my motorbike. Some stripes are on my left knee are cut (rupture of ligament). With ambulance back to Vienna, operation, and end of September I came back from the rehabilitation hospital. Yes, that was my summer in 2012.

Bears and butch at Pitbull clubbing in Vienna, the monthly Highlight. Also 62-year-old-man are there ;-)

March 2012
Left: fot a birthdayfest in Amsterdam.

July 2011
Right above: after the ECMC-Bikerun on the St. Gotthard mountain in Swizzerland, a trip to Luzern.

After Franks death I would to do our plan by myself.

A new birth.
Sepp and Frank.

June 2011. In recent weeks, my life has changed abruptly. My husband Frank died on 26th of May suddenly and unexpectedly at the hotel during his working mission in Tyrol. After a heart muscle inflammation, he was in treatment and would have 16th of June had an additional check in the hospital in Vienna.

In my home town Maissau in Lower Austria found at 11th of June the adoption and urn burial in the crypt instead of my family. At the funeral there were over 250 friends from near and far, from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Eindhoven, Cologne, Zurich, etc., came and it rained a sea of roses. From the flood of responses to the death of my husband, I´m overwhelmed!

Frank was born in Dresden and we met in Vienna in 1996 and 1997, he moved in with me. On 1st December 2010 we got married. In August 2011 we wanted to make a big party with family and friends.

Heart and suddenly everything is different. Heart of a sudden, two lives have changed.
How beautiful we had come up with the 115 +1 - Frank would have been on 12.08.2011 forties, I was still in the Sixtieth, fifteen years of combined "roller coaster" and finally almost a year "partnered". The fate decided otherwise.
Memories. Be it the bottle of "Krug"; that gave us my cousin and his wife so touching gift on the occasion of our partnering, which is in the kitchen cupboard where I gather every morning my breakfast dishes, or when I go into the garage and Franks bike is without license plate now next to my place, and there are still many moments each day of remembrance. The bed beside me is empty - still empty - unused.
And somehow I think what did I do, write thank you emails, is that it? When the movie is over? Is not it just a bad nightmare? No, it´s just "shit". You meet many friends, all concerned are touching, but no one can replace the one, the beloved son of a bitch.
This is one that makes itself allegations. You could not even tell one last time. Not "goodbye", not "I love you" say. Or as we used to sometimes "I love you nevertheless!".
Somebody said: What should I have done wrong that had happened. I´ve done something wrong, except that I´ve loved a man as he was?
Photos above from Frank photographed by Werner Friedl.

Top Left: last photo together for Mothers Day on 8 May 2011 in Maissau.

To the right of: Frank when cooking our Christmas dinner in 2010

Left: Sepp in February 2011 (with new glasses).

1st of November 2010 -
a new period of life ;-) After 45 man-years in retired ;-)))
Many thanks to Werner Friedl for this great photos!
Just two weeks before my 60 birthday.

Yes and for those who want´s to know exactly: next to the pencil my second favorite instrument in my right hand - my flogger ;-)
For now more than 14 years Sepp lives with his partner Frank from Dresden in Vienna.

The 1st of December 2010 was a very special day for both! The registry office in Vienna, quietly held its partnering.
Only our neighbor, a photographer was there and has kept the whole thing in pictures.
Sepp and Frank in August 2010.

Social responsibility in the fetish scene and social areas are a priority for these two motorbike and bicycle riders. Sepp is a co-founder of the gay leather and motorbike community – LMC Vienna.

Left: Sepp on his booths at FolsomEurope in Berlin, September 2009.

And with Frank on New Years Eve 2009.

Left: Sepp and Frank at the Stuttgart Baermeeting and at the Octoberfest, September 2009.

fotos taken by VVG-Cologne.

Left: Sepp and Frank in front of the "Graukogelhütte" in Badgastein.

Right: Sepp and Frank in front of the waterfall in Badgastein. August 2009.
Left: Sepp in July on the ECMC BikeRun 2009 in Denmark.

Right: Frank and Sepp by the North Sea.
Up left: Our biker group on the ECMC BikeRun 2009.

Down left: Frank, Sepp, Patrick and Alex on the way from Denmark to Sweden. In the background you can see the Oeresund bridge.

Right: Sepp by the citywalk in Cobenhaven 2009.
Left: Sepp and Frank in Amsterdam 2009.

Right: Frank and Sepp in Scheveningen 2009 before the attack in Brussels. You can read more under NEWS.
Left: Sepp and Frank in Barcelona 2007.

Right: Frank and Sepp in Praha 2008.
Exhibition at Mr B in Amsterdam 2008.
Once again a guest of Franc. Dank je wel!
Two pictures taken at the Rainbow-Parade 2008, the gay pride (CSD) of Vienna.
This year for our first time without our motorbikes, but together in a buggy, in front of the LMC Vienna track. On this we had demonstrate about the gay right situation in Austria.
"Sepp & Frank - unmarried! 12 years together – 12 years no right."
Left: Frank on his “Bulldog” next to Sepp on his “Dragstar” shot during the Rainbow-Parade, the gay pride of Vienna.
Left: Sepp on the mountain "Großglockner".
Left: Snapshot at a friends place, next to a black and white shot of both of us, done by a friend of ours, the Italian photographer Tiziano Bedin.
Thank you!
These photos (left 2006, right 2005) was taken by the photographer Viktor & Volker from Cologne.

The Virgin & The Lion 2007
Who´s the virgin?
2002 at IML in Chicago. I´m happy to met "The Heroes of Gay Male Erotic Art".
From right to left: "The Hun", Marc DeBauch, Uli of Berlin and I. The neighboure on my booth was the famous artist "Leon".